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Kitchen Chimney

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Discover the Superior 60cm Kitchen Chimney – an epitome of style and performance. With a Double Baffle Filter, LED Lights, Feather-Touch Control, and a robust Air Flow of 1200 (m3/h), it’s a must-have for a fresh and elegant kitchen.

Elevate your culinary haven with the Superior 60cm Kitchen Chimney – a masterpiece of modern design and advanced technology. Crafted to perfection, this kitchen chimney effortlessly marries elegance with efficiency, making it an indispensable addition to your cooking space.


Unleash the Power of Superiority:

Size Matters: With a sleek 60cm design, our kitchen chimney seamlessly fits into your kitchen layout, enhancing its aesthetics and functionality.
Advanced Filtration: Featuring a Double Baffle Filter, equipped with a smart Oil Cup Inside, it efficiently traps grease and oil, keeping your kitchen fresh and odor-free.
Illuminating Brilliance: Experience a well-lit cooking area with the brilliance of dual LED Lights (2 X 105 Wt.), providing optimal visibility and ambiance.
Feather-Touch Control: Take charge of your kitchen environment with the 3-Speed Feather Touch Control panel, allowing you to adjust ventilation effortlessly.
Aesthetic Finesse: Choose between the elegant Non Magnetic Steel-black Finish or the sophisticated Tempered Glass design to complement your kitchen décor.
Powerful Air Flow: Enjoy a superior Air Flow of 1200 (m3/h), ensuring swift removal of cooking odors and smoke, leaving your kitchen fresh and inviting.
Smart Functionality: Benefit from the Baffle Filter’s Auto Oil Controller and the convenience of the Touch Panel, making maintenance and operation a breeze.

Experience the pinnacle of kitchen luxury and efficiency with the Superior 60cm Kitchen Chimney – where style meets substance.


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