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Water Softener Sandfilter

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Water Softener Sandfilter Features

3000LPH: 100 Liters 

softener  technical specifications 

3000 lph sand filter

Multi Float valve : 25 Nb 


Vessel : TATA

1 year warranty

EMI options available(Zero Cost EMI)

Water Softener Sandfilter

3000 LPH Flow Rate

100 Liters Sand Media Tank

Multi Float Valve

TATA Vessel

1 Year Warranty

Product Description:

The Water Softener Sandfilter is a two-in-one water purification system that removes both hardness minerals and physical impurities from water. It is ideal for use in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The water softener section of the system uses ion exchange resin to remove hardness minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This results in softer water, which is better for your skin, hair, and appliances.

The sand filter section of the system removes physical impurities such as dirt, sand, and rust from water. This results in cleaner water that is safe to drink and use for cooking and bathing.


  • Removes hardness minerals and physical impurities from water
  • Provides softer water for skin, hair, and appliances
  • Protects appliances and plumbing from scale buildup
  • Reduces soap and detergent consumption
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Flow rate: 3000 LPH
  • Sand media tank capacity: 100 liters
  • Multi float valve
  • TATA vessel
  • 1 year warranty


  • Residential homes and apartments
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Agricultural applications


The Water Softener Sandfilter is a comprehensive water purification system that provides clean, soft water for a variety of applications. It is easy to use and maintain, and it is backed by a 1 year warranty.


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